Like in the movies…

When I first met you, I felt a little uneasy, then with a strange, and yet warm and fuzzy feeling inside, I actually got to meet the real you…at the square, at the movies, at the coffee shop, on a trip…I ended up spending the two most exiciting days of my life with you, even though something inside me felt like I shouldn’t.

And then, we had to go different ways, so I was suddenly left alone. I found myself longing the comfort you made me feel when I was watching you drive us through the mountains, listening to your stories and promises of a lifetime filled with unforgettable memories.

We met again after two or three months, when I really wished I’d never met you…I just couldn’t bare to lose…that comfort. I knew for sure that we’d feel awesome, but then again…pufff. As I expected we felt great…first date and all 😉 you gave me a little bit of hope only to leave me comfortless again.

This time, as well as the last, we went on a journey on separate ways, in counties where people actually talked different languages…but then, something unexpectedly happened, just like in the movies…you came to me, wearing a large smile on your face, feeling excited and happy as the sun.

We spent the next months on the road, visiting each other back and forth, week days feeling like years when suddenly, we just said it: “I love you” and “You are my soulmate”!

Summer came and went with romantic walks on the beach, hiking in the mountains, then sweet november caught me off guard with a Minnie Mouse toy carrying an engagement ring <3.

Spring found me wearing the perfect ivory dress.

Next summer, at our wedding party, I playfully hid my happiness with a fan only to share it with you, dearest husband, on our way to our honeymoon. So I found myself curiously staring at you while you were quietly driving and realized I’d truly met you the first day I saw you.

Presently, we are anxiously waiting for our biggest present ever which makes me feel like our box of chocolates has no bottom.

Now guess how much I love you…well, I’m bananas for you!


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